New Outlook on Life

After Kellie's UFE? "I was amazed. I literally went home with a Band-Aid®."

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Uphill Battle

"I oftentimes felt like it was my fault that I had fibroids. That I was wasting people’s time because I was trying to figure out what I was going to do—and not have a hysterectomy—and that was the only answer I was getting."

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A Fight for UFE

"I was adamant. I didn't want a hysterectomy – I didn't even want a myomectomy."

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization Gave Me Back My Life

"I remember seeing improvement just one month after the procedure and thinking, 'It can't be happening this quickly!'"

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UFE Was Best Choice

"The difference in my life now, after the UFE procedure as opposed to prior the UFE procedure is like night and day."

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Returned to Active Life Style

"I almost knew immediately that the procedure had made a difference. It was night and day."

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UFE Opened Up a Whole New World of Options

"When I found out about the UFE procedure, I said this was something that sounded like that was an alternative for me."

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Less Invasive Route

"I did not want a hysterectomy and my OB-GYN recommended UFE."

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