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MIMIT Health is one of the fastest-growing independent multi-specialty physician groups in Illinois providing excellence in patient care, health care, research & medical education. 

MIMIT Health provides world class health care combined with minimally invasive treatments by industry-leading doctors, physicians and surgeons. Along with our best-in-class health care, we focus on our patients "living their best life" with healthy lifestyle strategies and wellness solutions.

We call this enlightened health care.

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Specializing in minimally invasive, targeted treatments that offer less risk, less pain and less recovery time compared to traditional surgery, MIMIT's world-class doctors, surgeons and Interventional Radiologists manage conditions that once required surgery and can be treated less invasively by our doctors.

MIMIT uses imaging guidance to perform minimally invasive targeted therapies for many conditions were treated with surgical procedures. 


We offer multidisciplinary care. We work as a team of specialists who bring all of the expertise you need for the most comprehensive care possible.


We offer multidisciplinary care. That means, we work as a team of specialists who bring all of the expertise you need for the most comprehensive care possible.

Our Team of Physicians develop an individualized treatment plan for every patient, designed around your diagnosis, condition and unique health needs.

The best treatment starts with the most precise diagnosis possible. We combine experience with advanced tools and technology to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms.

Dr. Chopra is a phenomenal physician and healer. In an era of assembly-line medicine, he pushes the proverbial “stop” button and takes the time to befriend his patients. He makes sure patients understand their medical care and the rationale for his treatment plan. More than that though, Dr. Chopra does not simply treat one problem at one office visit. He creates a spiritual connection with his patients that engenders continual trust. He treats the body and the psyche. He is the very definition of physician as caregiver and confidant.

— Michael V. MIMIT Patient

Mimit Health Treatments

  1. Fibroids and Womens Health
  • Uterine fibroids and Adenomyosis
    Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

  1. Vascular Disease
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
    Abdominal Aortic aneurysm (AAA)
    Caritoid Artery Disease

  1. Venous Disease
  • Varicose veins and Superficial venous disease
    Deep Venous Diseases
    Pulimary Embo

  1. Spine Disease
  • Veretrabal Compression Fractures (Osteoperosis)
    Spine Tumors

  1. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Prostate Artery Embolism
  1. Vericocele
  • Testicular Vein Embolizaton
  1. Intervential Oncology
  • Chemoembolization
    Y90 Radioembolization
    Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

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Men's Health

We are committed to providing minimally invasive therapies for men of all ages. We provide the best men’s specific health care; with an office visit that is comfortable, relaxed and respectful of your demanding schedule.


Women's Health

We provide quality healthcare services that meet the unique needs of women throughout their lives. Our physicians provide comprehensive and holistic care to women of all ages. We believe in helping women become healthy and stay healthy.



For Kellie, total recovery from UFE consisted of about two weeks of rest and slow movement around the house, with an “all-over ache” only lasting the first two to three days.

Now she describes her life having endless possibilities—at any time during the month—thanks to her periods normalizing for the first time in years. “It’s amazing,” Kellie laughed. “I would tell my friends, ‘I got my period today! I’m so excited! Do you want to go do something? Get coffee, walk around, find something to do?’”

The world needs more people like Dr. Romi Chopra. He is a person who is truly a charismatic, caring, and true professional. The deep connection he makes with his staff, patients, friends, and industry colleagues is tremendous. He is a type of individual that truly cares about the outcomes of all things he is involved with in his life. His perspective and approach to his patients are world class.
— Johnny D., MIMIT Patient

MIMIT Locations

We offer convenient access to testing and services throughout Chicago and our presence is growing. MIMIT is headquartered in Chicago with hundreds of doctors. We have helped thousands of patients and we also collaborate with many international diagnostic laboratories, hospitals and clinics to help improve human health around the world.

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