MIMIT Health | Better Patient Outcomes Start in the Cloud


Better patient outcomes start in the cloud

MIMIT's executive team: Paramjit "Romi" Chopra (center), Manish Goomar (left), and Puneet Chowdhary (right), takes #boxworks by storm.

When every second counts, digital business processes give healthcare teams the data we need at the point of care. But you can’t just flip a switch and become a digital organization. You need to transform the way you work. That’s where MIMIT Health and Cloud Content Management comes in. With Box, MIMIT Health gets a single place to collaborate, manage and secure all content and processes — while maintaining compliance and adherence to industry standards like HIPAA.

And by integrating seamlessly with the apps already implemented, Box provides a single, secure content layer to power the digital workplace.

That's why 95,000 customers and 69% of the Fortune 500 rely on Box to meet the demands of the digital age.