What if a doctor could save…your leg… your liver…your heart…your brain…your LIFE and send you home with only a bandaid?


Every day, specialized doctors perform innovative procedures through pinholes in the skin, delivering life-changing treatments that allow patients to return to their lives with minimal interruption. Without a Scalpel is a fascinating glimpse inside the dramatic journeys of three patients who reclaim their lives through minimally invasive, image-guided procedures that they never knew existed.

The primary project to advance the mission of the Interventional Initiative is the documentary Without a Scalpel: the Secret World of Interventional Radiology. This is a sizzle reel of the full documentary, which is cosponsored by the Western Angiographic and Interventional Society. It introduces the public to minimally invasive, image guided procedures (MIIP) through the perspective of patients and their families. We chronicle the experience of four principal patients and several additional patients as they are diagnosed, treated, and recover from their procedures. These patients represent a sampling of the breadth of diseases and conditions treated by MIIP, including blocked veins in the legs and pelvis, blocked arteries in the legs, liver cancer and metastatic disease. In the documentary, we meet these patients and their families and also come to know the interventional radiologists who treat them: Dr. Brooke Spencer, Dr. Daniel Sze, Dr. Gregg Alzate, and Dr. Darren Klass. Moreover, the documentary tells the remarkable story of how, through the innovation of early interventional radiologists such as Charles Dotter and Josef Rosch, all of medicine has been pushed toward more minimally invasive solutions for medical problems.

Dr. Chopra is an accomplished Interventional Radiologist admired for his innovative, kind, authentic patient-centered care and a holistic approach to life. His care paradigm integrates the healing and nourishment of the spirit (soul), mind and the body.

Dr. Chopra’s philosophy is to provide cutting-edge healthcare that is most commonly found in the university setting and deliver it to the communities we reside in. Dr. Chopra is a renowned expert in his field and speaks nationally and internationally on various topics in Interventional Radiology, Endovascular Therapy, and Health Care Management.

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