Office-Based Lab. Innovations for Sustainable Growth - Interview With: Dr. Paramjit "Romi" Chopra, M.D.

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Medstreaming has been transformational and a game changer for us, Dr. Chopra said. We have three centers and six clinics in different locations across the city, all of which are managed through Medstreaming over the cloud.

We see all the data and information of all of our centers and clinics in one enterprise software “Medstreaming”. This helps us behave as a sophisticated efficient organization and remain cost effective. It is our core workflow platform and enables the entire team to work cohesively from the front-end (patient registration, practice management), clinical EMR, PACS and image management, and Revenue cycle Management (coding, billing, accounts receivable) all the way to advanced, analytics, reporting and Dashboarding. We can track the entire patient experience through our organization effectively and efficiently. Read more

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