A Salmon Swimming Upstream - An Interview with Ziehm Imaging


For more than ten years there has been a clear trend toward outpatient treatment facilities in the United States. New methods for anesthetizing patients and the increase in minimally invasive interventions create support for operations in which the patient can go home within just a few hours or days. Dr. Paramjit Chopra is pushing the boundaries and is at the forefront of this trend. 

You have lived and worked in the USA for nearly 30 years. Looking back at the beginning of your career, what are your thoughts?
As a medical student from India, I came to a country in which education and the power of innovation were the top priority and the possibilities seemed unlimited. This fascinated me right from the start. Even though my early years as an unpaid research fellow were difficult, I always kept my eyes on the American Dream. I struggled every day to achieve success and I felt like a salmon swimming upstream.

Being a native of India, in what ways has your former home influenced the development of your career?
It was only after I came to America that I understood how much Indian culture and religion had influenced me. For me, there is no difference between Christians, Muslims, Hindus or other religious groups. The people are what count, no matter if they are black, white, yellow or blue. Now, in my profession, I combine the spiritual thinking of India with my medical knowledge from the West. This means that, in the end, treating the person as a whole is important to me, keeping their feelings and fears in mind, and not viewing them just as a patient.

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