MIMIT Health and Dr. Romi Chopra Invest Into Communities With The Gift Of Good Health


"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley

Health is the New Wealth
MIMIT Health invests into communities by partnering with local business, organizations, and community events. We promote health education and strategies for a healthy community.


“A healthy community is a strong community”, Dr. Romi Chopra said. “We focus on our communities and invest in its people to educate and teach them how to ‘live their best life’ with healthy lifestyle strategies and wellness solutions.” Dr Chopra continues.

 Treat | Empower | Heal

Dr. Chopra is an accomplished Interventional Radiologist admired for his innovative, kind, authentic patient-centered care and a holistic approach to life. His care paradigm integrates the healing and nourishment of the spirit (soul), mind and the body.

Unifying his eastern roots and extensive western experience, Dr. Chopra combines the best of both worlds. His in-depth understanding of complex health conditions is backed by state-of-the-art treatment therapies, enabling him to deliver exceptional health care of the highest quality.


Health is the Best Investment

MIMIT Health, Along with Dr Chopra, also set up a health fair booth to talk with members of the community about their health issues. face-to-face interaction with the community was a convenient way community members could set up much needed appointments with the MIMIT health care team.

MIMIT specializes in minimally invasive targeted treatments, that offer less risk, less pain and less recovery time compared to traditional surgery. MIMIT's world-class doctors, surgeons and Interventionists manage conditions that once required surgery and today can be treated less invasively by our doctors.


At MIMIT, we offer access to great new resources and technology, with physicians and specialists in many practice specialties at locations convenient for you. We welcome new patients to our healthcare family.

MIMIT Health is one of the fastest-growing independent multi-specialty physician groups in Illinois. We provide excellence in patient care, health care, research & medical education. 


To set up an appointment or have any questions, call MIMIT Health at (708) 486-2600.

To have MIMIT Health or Dr. Chopra speak at one of your events, please call MIMIT Health at (708) 486-2600.