Dialysis Access Management

Dialysis is a mechanical means of removing the waste from the bloodstream. The management of access for dialysis is crucial service that MIMIT offers. Renal failure is a situation in which the kidneys fail to adequately remove waste from the bloodstream. When this occurs, toxins build up in the body and become very harmful. Patients who are diagnosed with this disease may be placed on dialysis.

Treatment Options

In order to perform dialysis, an access point into the blood stream is created by either a fistula/graft or a catheter placed in the neck or groin. MIMIT has a complete, comprehensive program for management of Dialysis Access.

Our surgeons:

  • Create the graft/fistula
  • Revise previously inserted grafts/fistula
  • Insert temporary or permanent access catheters
  • Laparoscopic Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion

The Interventional Radiology team:

  • Perform placement of temporary or permanent access catheters
  • Fistulagrams
  • Balloon Assisted Maturation (BAM)
  • Declotting of grafts/fistulas
  • Salvage of failed fistula/graft
  • Place stents to keep the vasculature open
  • Aneurysm repair

Many times patients are treated by several different physicians who do not communicate the plan of treatment to each other. MIMIT is unique in that Surgery and IR are combined. We continually evaluate what is best for the patient, involve the Nephrologists in the overall plan, and treat them accordingly.